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Atmospheric Pressure Weather Fishing Trends Fishing Tactics
High Clear Skies Slow fishing, find cover or go to deeper waters. Slow fishing lures and use live baits to attrack bigger fish. Fish in cover and in deeper waters.
Rising Clearing or Improving Skies Fish tend to become slightly more active Fish with brighter lures and near cover. Fish at intermediate or deeper depths.
Normal or Stable Fair Normal Fishing It's time to use your favorite jigs, lures and baits.
Falling Moderate cloudiness (Before the storm) Most active fishing Speed up lures. Surface and shallow running lures may work well.

Lower Cloudy Skies Fish will head away from cover and seek shallower waters. Some fish will become more aggressive. Best to use shallow running lures at a moderate speed.
Low Rainy and Stormy Fish are lazy and will tend to become less active or become active before rain falls. Try to fish at deeper depths.