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WoW Almost Spring Fishing in Souther California is HOT!

Seaforth Sportfishing is on the roll!

The San Diego finished Sundays full day trip to the Coronado Islands with 10 Bonito, 150 Whitefish, 50 Rock cod, 30 Sculpin and 10 Sheephead for their 48 anglers! 

Their sportfishing trips will be targeting Yellowtail, Bonito, Bass and Rockfish at the Coronado Islands! Passengers should bring a 25# live bait rod and a 40# yo-yo jig/dropper loop outfit.

Fish Counts:

San Diego 2/23/2020:

Full Day Trip
150 Ocean Whitefish, 10 California Sheephead, 30 California Scorpionfish, 50 Rockfish, 10 Pacific Bonito

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