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Another great they at Chubasco II - San Diego SportFishing

Photo Op before the fish BBQ!

We fished at the Chubasco II with great fishing buddies and deckhands. I must say that Chubasco II has the best crew. One thing that the boat's deckhands differ from other boats is that they don't cut tangled lines. They would try to fix it as quickly as possible. On some San Diego sportfishing boats, tangled lines simply means CUT THAT LINE NEWBS!  LMAO.

We had a great weather yesterday, not much swell and wind. The funny thing during this trip is that fish can't seem to be found! Looks like they were sleeping because of the good weather! LOL! For 3 hours I didn't catch anything - nada/zero/boom! Sucks right! But one hour before the boat returns to mission bay - BOOM! FISH ON! I managed to caught 5 reds, the 2 small ones and the jumbo mackerel were given to me by the cool folks out there...

Cyah next week!

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