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Beginner tips for inshore kelp fishing

MAKE SURE you get all the way to the bottom. Remember two hooks are better than one.

Jerk the rod tip constantly, jig up and down to get the fish to see and smell it. Do this more gently with live bait especially anchovies.

If you get hit hard, take a swing and set the hook. FISH ON!

If you are just getting nibbled, let that go on a bit before setting the hook. Sometimes they can be a little timid.

If you feel nibble but suddenly stops, reel in to check your bait. You can't catch 'em if your bait's been stolen.

If the fish is on, reel in fast; the fish would to dash into the kelp, and the sea lions will be after it.

If it feels you got hit by a freight train, call a deckhand right away. Don't want to break it off or give the sea lions a free meal.

If you get stuck on some kelp or the bottom, call over a sense wasting time being snagged.

Dramamine might be good for your first time out. Better off safe than chumming over the rail...Nevertheless anglers love chummers.

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